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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for "K"

"K" is a 4 year old boy, born in Russia with Down's Syndrome. In Russia, children with Down's Syndrome, or other severe special needs have no value. If they are not adopted as small children they are placed in institutions with no hope in ever finding a family who can help them thrive. "K" is from a region in Russia from which no one has ever adopted a child with Down's Syndrome.

The Davis' found "K" on a waiting list called "Reece's Rainbow." They traveled to Russia in July to meet him. They returned to the U.S. to await a court date where the judge would decide if they could be his parents. Months came and months went by as they waited for a court date. Finally, at the beginning of this year they were granted one.

A few days ago, they boarded the plane back to Russia. They got to visit "K" before heading to court. The hearing lasted 5 hours. Everyone thought it went well despite issues that surfaced while they were there, of which I do not know the details. Hopes were high, but the judge told them, "No."

Obviously their hearts are broken. They are back in the States working on an appeal. Should they be granted the appeal they will face the same judge once again. They are asking prayers for "K" and especially the judge. She can't fathom why the Davis' would want him. She also believes he is better of in an institution. Pray for God to soften her heart. God was able to use Pharaoh's hard heart to display His power among the Israelites and He can do the same here.

"K" we love you and want to see you reach your potential in the loving arms of the Davis', who, I'm sure already consider themselves as your mom and dad.





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