God has blessed us with more than we could ever need. He has not blessed us so we can have the latest iPad, game console or a new car. We have been blessed to be a blessing.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One More Fundraiser

We expect to travel within the next 3 weeks. We checked on plane tickets and WOAH! They are double what they were at the beginning of the month. If our court date happens to be in January, I don't suppose they will decrease in price since Ethiopia's Christmas is in January.

We have enough for this trip thanks to our church family who have given so graciously to the adoption fund. However, we hope to leave some money in the account after we are finished in hopes it will encourage another family to adopt. Therefore I am launching another fundraiser.

I made these peg people for my son last summer. I had forgotten about them until today when he got them out to play. He absolutely loves them.

They come in a set of 8 (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black). You can specify if you want blonde (yellow), brown or black hair. You can  specify skin color. You can also specify boy or girl (girls will have a bow painted in the hair.) If you have no preference, I will mix and match randomly.

The cost is $16 for local peeps and $20 if you need them mailed.

If you need these by Christmas, I suggest placing your order by the end of this week. We hope to get travel approval next week!!

Peg People

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This is Where it Gets Hard

Our preliminary hearing was yesterday. I waited patiently for Lesley to call and let us know how it went. The day came and went. I called her this morning and she basically said that no news is good news. Unless there is a problem, we usually don't hear from Ethiopia at this point.

So now we wait for the MOWA letter. It could be a few weeks. No one really knows.

And that's the hard part. Just sitting here, waiting for a call that may not come for weeks. Going about your day, hearing the phone ring wondering if it's Lesley.

But what's worse is knowing that this doesn't even compare to how it will feel once we have been to Ethiopia, met Joseph, been declared legally his parents, came home without him, then once again waiting on a call that may take months.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I am assuming Joseph's mother has appeared in court by now. I am anxously waiting to hear how it went. My heart aches for her, but I would be lying if I said I won't be sad if she decided not to give him up. I tried to guard my heart until it was official. However, a week ago while I was sitting in church, one of the recent photos we recieved of him popped up in my mind. I smiled inside at how healthy he looked. He appears to be kind of stocky. I then pictured him as a football player. At that moment, I fell in love. It had nothing to do with football. I don't even like football. I never want my boys to play the dangerous sport. It was just imagining him developing his own personality and his own interests. No doubt that whatever activitiy my kids decide to pursue, I will be there watching even if it's something as boring as dangerous as football, as boring as baseball, or as ear piercing as a saxophone (my least favorite instrument). I have already seen that in our daughter. She is not creative like me. She is scientific and mathematical and I love that about her. Because it's her. And I will love things about Joseph even if they aren't my favorite things.