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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To Jew or Not to Jew

We were in our small group class Sunday morning, looking at Acts 2:42-47. During part of the discussion someone spoke up and said, “They had to leave everything since Jesus came to do away with the Jewish religion and replace it with Christianity.” Oh, my heart started pounding, I think smoke may have even come out of my ears. I shook my head and just looked down at my Bible in disbelief. 

Why did I get so angry? Just a year ago I probably would have agreed. Though now, having read the book of Acts with an open mind, I see that the apostles’ mission was simply to preach about the resurrection. They kept the feasts, the Sabbaths and even met in the Synagogues. They didn’t celebrate Christmas or Easter. They were Jews and they remained Jews, just like their, and my savior, Jesus Christ.

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