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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paleo Day #0.5

We didn't start out our day in Paleo mode. The kids ate regular ole breaded chicken fingers for breakfast. Yes, I said chicken fingers for breakfast. Seth didn't eat good yesterday so I wanted him to start the day with a full tummy.

The kids actually ate mustard and rosemary roasted chicken for supper. This was a miracle for Seth. I don't think he has EVER eaten a bite of non-breaded chicken without almost gagging. So, for a reward I made Paleo chocolate date bars. They were a hit!

My day ending with me getting bone broth going. It's uber healthy, but at first, it's super nasty looking. Imagine, a pot full of water with 2 chicken skeletons and giblets floating around in it. And it takes 48 hours to complete. My house smells great!

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