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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slowly But Surely

I feel as if this blog should actually have postings. However, there isn't much to tell at this point. We are going through the adoption process very slowly right now. Our plan* is for this child to be 2 years younger than Seth. Adopting a boy from Russia can be completed in a year or less. So that puts us starting the process this summer. However, Raine wants a little sister. It takes longer to get a referral for a girl. We planned on getting a boy, but we still have an open mind.

Right now we are praying, saving money, and about to select the adoption agency. It looks as though Beacon House will be the one we go with. We could go ahead and apply with the agency, and probably should since we can't start with our coffee fundraiser until then. What's the coffee fundraiser? Just go here and you'll see.

Right now I'm working on stuffed monsters to sell on Etsy. Not all 100% of profits from Etsy items will go toward our adoption fund. Photography is slow in January, therefore the money could be used for other things. But check out our t-shirts! We get about $7 per shirt and it all goes in our adoption fund!

*We plan. God laughs.

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  1. When will the stuffed monsters be up on Etsy.. I plan on purchasing several!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!