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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What About Them?

Most everyone has been outraged by the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder. I too wonder how a mother could party, get a tattoo and act like nothing happened while she knew her daughter was dead. Yes, the defense admitted she knew Caylee was dead. The verdict is sickening, yes. But I wonder why we got upset about this one case, when there are millions of other injustices going on all over the world and even in America.

We think a mother should pay with her life for murdering her two year old. How is a two year old any different than an unborn baby? How is Casey Anthony any different than a woman choosing to abort her child? Our government allows the killing of millions of babies every year and it is said to be ok because that fetus has yet to use his lungs to breathe.

Why is it that we got so upset with the death of that one little girl when in Russia, children are abandoned everyday. So many Russian orphans are known to have fetal alcohol syndrome. Their mothers deserve time in jail for child neglect just the same as Casey Anthony.

What about the tens of thousands of Chinese babies that are abandoned each year just because they are female? What about the children in Bulgaria that are taken to orphanages because they have a cleft lip, cerebral palsy, or hepatitis? What about the kids in Russia who are sent to rural orphanages, far away from society because they have Down's Syndrome? What about the babies in Africa who are drowned because their village sees them as imperfect?

What about them?

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