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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Classical Education

This post has nothing to do with adoption, except for the fact that I plan on homeschooling our adopted child(ren) just as I plan on homeschooling Raine and Seth. However, I do not have a separate blog for homeschooling or even for our family in general. And I don't see a point in creating a third blog (my first one is for my photography business), so this one has officially become our family blog as well.

About a year ago, my good friend Leslie loaned me the book "The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education." It's a thick book, so I do not believe I read it cover to cover. I did however, read enough to make my mouth water with the sweet aroma of Classical Education, which I cannot wait to taste. Since then, I purchased Saxon Math (K edition) and have been working sporadically with Raine. She loves playing "math games" and is completely obsessed with "patterins." She has done so well with math and reading (BOB books), that it has lead me to research home schooling and classical education further.

During my research, I found that the local classical school (Riverwood) uses Veritas Press Curriculum. I found the company's website and ordered a catalog. May I say that my saliva glands went into overdrive. Of course, they offer so much for each grade, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Then, just last week, I attended a meeting for "Classical Conversations," a homeschool community that meets once a week for tutoring, support, projects and recreation. Even though we don't have plans to join the new Tuscaloosa CC Group, I got a lot out of the meeting. I now know how I plan on starting our Classical Education and I am more excited than ever! I am so excited, I no longer want to send Raine to preschool next year. I know my husband won't go for it. He knows I need one good year where I don't have the kids 24/7, so I'll be ready to homeschool AND bring 2 more children into our family!

Now, I'd like to share what I plan on using for our first year of homeschooling using the classical method. If you have done this before, feel free to give criticism and input! If you don't know what Classical Education is, visit The Well Trained Mind dot com. Oh, and you might want to wear a bib!

Math: Saxon 1

Reading: probably more Bob Books, other phonics readers depending on what level she reaches over the next year

History (my favorite part): Old Testament/Ancient Egypt Flash Cards (Veritas)
New Testament & Greece & Rome Flash Cards (Veritas)

Literature: books (from the library) about Greek and Roman Mythology, books about Rome in general, The Bible, Chinese and Japanese Fairy Tales (library), Aesop's Fables (yummy!), Iliad & The Odessey (library)

Bible: lots of memorization
Bible Flash Cards (all sets from Veritas)

Art and Music: "Drawing with Children"
"How to Teach Art to Children"
tin whistle

NOTE: Since this post was published I found out that the Veritas History Cards cover a lot of the same information as the Bible Cards. There's $100 I won't have to spend!

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