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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I think this blog needs a new design. So excuse the mess while I play around!

Seth has officially finished therapy. His case worker came today to close his case. Please pray for her. She told me her religion is a blend of Buddhism and Hinduism. I shared the Gospel with her last time she was here. Today I gave her a copy of "Who Do You Say I Am?" It is a small tract that explains who Jesus is and the claims he made.

Today I ordered a few home school books. I decided not to use the Veritas History Cards after I found out they only cover Israel, Egypt, Greece, Rome and America. I don't see a point in leaving out Asia and other parts of Africa. I will be using "The Mystery of History" which covers the whole world. Here is an excerpt from the editorial review, "Students will learn who walked the earth when and what was going on in other parts of the world at the same time as major biblical events."

Last night I decided to go ahead and get this great book even though Raine is only 4. I was sitting in her bed, asking her about the things we learned yesterday. We talked about the two parts of the Bible (Old and New Testament). I asked, "Which part of the Bible is when Jesus was born?" She said, "The New Testament. Jesus was pretend in the Old Testament." I said, "No, he was always with God in the Old Testament." Her reply was, "Why are you talking about Father God?" I was floored! We talk about God, Jesus being God and all, but I never know how much she understands. I mean, come any of us fully understand? But at that moment, I realized just how capable she is of learning. I don't plan on using the book formally, with tests and all, but there is no harm in simply reading to her from it. And more importantly, it gives me the opportunity to learn things I missed in school. My classes in world history were mediocre at best. Besides that, they were from a general world-view. "They Mystery of History" is a Christian World-View with a chronological study of God's intervention in human events. How awesome it is going to be to learn about events around the world along with what was happening in Israel and Egypt at the same time.

I also ordered "Phonics Pathways", D'Nealian Handwriting" and "How to Teach Art to Children." So the question remains, "Do I send Raine to preschool in the fall?"

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