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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conflicting Information

We have been receiving conflicting information about Bulgaria. Right now, the wait for a young child with minor or correctable special needs is THREE YEARS! Some agencies have been telling us things are speeding up in Bulgaria. Well our Lifeline representative specifically asked their Bulgarian representative how long our wait would be based on the needs we are willing to accept (we sent her a list). He informed her that our wait time would be 2-3 years or longer! Do not get me wrong. We are not in a rush to adopt. What is important to us is we go where there is a need. In my opinion, if the wait time for a referral is 3 or more years, the need isn't great. There are many children all over Europe with special needs. We don't feel equipped to handle those.

Our "decision" yesterday was to go ahead with our home study through Lifeline. We would choose a placing agency that works in Russia and Uganda. Once the home study is complete, we would apply for grants. If enough funds were provided for Russia, then AWESOME! That's where our hearts have been and still are. If the funds weren't provided, we'd go with Uganda.

I emailed an agency to let her know our plans. I then receive an email from her stating that the judges in Uganda are having parents stay in country longer for more bonding time and more time to soak in the culture. I truly respect that as adoptions can and have become corrupt and like a baby market. However, we aren't in a place in our lives where we can spend 6 weeks in Africa. So there's another blow to our plans.

But I'm ok. I just wish God would come down and tell us what all this is about and what He wants us to do. But He's not going to and I know that. We just have to walk by faith, not by sight. So right now I am trusting that if He has put our hearts in Russia because that's where our child is, then He will provide the funds. Of course, we aren't committing to that just yet. We are waiting until the last minute to choose a placing agency and a country.

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