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Friday, June 10, 2011


Not much has happened in our adoption process. We STILL haven't chosen a country. We are currently on a waiting list for an orphanage in Uganda. The issue with Uganda or any other African country is, "Do we want to only have one African child in our family?" We could adopt 2 at the same time for half the price of adopting a single child from Russia, but I'm just not sure I want to take that on.

Another country that has recently opened up to international adoptions is Western Samoa. They are only working with about 5 pilot families now. The agency hopes to be able to open it to the public in three months.

Then we are getting mixed messages about Bulgaria. One agency says the laws are changing and adopting a young healthy child will get easier and quicker. Other agencies aren't seeing much change right now. Most of the children from Bulgaria that are available for international adoption have special needs. This is actually good because it means Bulgarians are adopting the healthy children. We are just trying to find what fits our family and finances. I suppose I need to get back into fundraising. So check out the tabs at the top and my etsy shop is linked to on the sidebar.

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