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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Number 30

We received an email last week letting us know we are number 30 on the waiting list to adopt. That actually includes ALL families, not just families requesting a child under 2. It doesn't really mean anything different. It is still looking like a 6 month wait until we know who the child is (aka referral). But I have been having bittersweet feelings about the whole thing.

I know God has orchestrated this adoption before time began, though it is still sad to think that a child has to be orphaned or abandoned, that a mother has to decide to give up her child or die in order for us to bring him/her into our family. When I first read the number "30" in the email, it put a more realistic view of our wait. But then I can't rejoice 100% as we move up to 29, 28, 27.... because that means that THAT many more children are left without their birth families.

Now, I know God is sovereign and this is a part of His plan for our lives, for the child's life and everyone involved. It just would have been better if adoption wasn't needed and all children remained with their healthy, loving and capable parents. My only consolation is knowing he allows things like this to happen to draw us closer to him and do demonstrate his glory. And I am so excited to see how he will use our experience in Ethiopia and as adoptive parents to mold us into what he wants us to be.

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  1. Hi April! I found your blog and enjoyed reading several months of your posts. The love you have for children and your passion for adoption is inspiring. If we can ever be a blessing to you, please let us know!