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Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Fingerprinting for Immigration

Last Wednesday Jonathan and I had our fingerprints done for our immigration application. We were told by others who had gone before us that it is very serious. We were told that only those being fingerprinted could go inside. We were told that we would wait in a room until we were called to another room individually to be fingerprinted. No cameras are allowed, only us and our ID.

We made arrangements with the grandparents to keep our kids. When we arrived, I left my purse in my car, took only my wallet. We walked in and it looked a lot like the DMV. We signed in, were given a number and sat in the chairs and waited our turns. Room? There was no other room. We watched as each person was fingerprinted. I heard the fingerprinter lady talking to the people being fingerprinted.

"Are you Joe Blow?
"Is everything on the screen correct?"

Oh and there was even a couple there with a child. Only the wife was being fingerprinted. I should've taken my camera inside.

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