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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paper Bead Blitz

I have a separate blog for our adoption and family happenings. This post is worthy to be in both blogs.

If you are new to my blog, I am selling paper bead necklaces to raise money for our adoption.

Necklaces are long and can be worn single, doubled or tripled.

These beads are made in Uganda by women who formerly turned to prostitution as a means of income. Katie Davis heads up a bead group with women from the Karamajong tribe. Each week she drives them to the city where they deposit half of their earnings in a savings account. The other half is enough for them to live on. If Katie finds out they are reverting back to old habits, they are no longer allowed to work for her. She also leads a Bible study with these women. It's a great story of honorable work, and redemption. The profits raised from bead sales here in the States goes back to Katie's organization, Amazima and provides school tuition and food to children in her area, some of which are from the Karamajong So the women and their children get double benefits!

For two weeks, I am offering the following necklaces for sale, with FREE SHIPPING! These make great Christmas presents. You will receive a card telling of the organization 147 Million Orphans, which is an organization Katie sells the necklaces to. Adoptive families are allowed to buy them in bulk and use as fundraisers. So, that's a third cause you will be helping. The card is great to include when you give the necklace as a gift.

This blitz will end on Black Friday at midnight. That's 9 days to get FREE SHIPPING!

You might want to head on over to Leslie's Blog for another great offer.

Necklace A: a nice mixture of colors with light pink seed beads

Necklace B: SOLD!

Necklace C: colorful without much yellow, pink seed beads

Necklace D: SOLD!

Necklace E: Various colors, somewhat earthy with pink seed beads

Necklace F: earthy, but with an Americana feel, light blue seed beads

Necklace G: colorful with pink seed beads

Necklace H: deep blues and purples, bright blues, greens and oranges, pink seed beads

Necklace I: SOLD!

Necklace J: earthy with red accents and pink seed beads (Valentine's Day, guys!)

Necklace K: SOLD!

Necklace L: SOLD!

Necklace M: bold colors with pink seed beads

Necklace Letter

Thanks for looking! Remember free shipping ends on Black Friday at midnight!

1 comment:

  1. I ordered necklace B but I wasn't charged shipping! I'm glad to take advantage of your Black Friday promotion but I'll also be happy to pay my part :) You can email me; my email is in my profile and we can divvy up...

    Your necklaces are beautiful and I'm excited to give it as a gift!