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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Touch God

Raine has had a bad cough for 8 days now. She has been asking difficult questions like, "Why has God let me be sick this long?" and, "Why won't God heal me?" The only answers I could come up with that are child-appropriate were, "Bad things sometimes happen. We have to look for the good in those things. Maybe God is using this as time for us to have extra snuggle time. Look at how much we've slept together this week!" She smile and said, "Oh! OK!"

Then, tonight I told the kids the story of the lady that was sick for 12 years, and used all her money by seeing various doctors. I tell you, I did not choose that story because Raine has been sick. I told it because that was the lesson for the Kindergarten Bible Study this morning, which I taught while my dear friend Leslie was camping with her Boy Scout. The story was fresh on my mind. As I began telling it, I quickly realized I should not include the part of the little girl getting sick and dying. That would just scare her.

We got to the end of the story... you know, the lady touches Jesus' clothes and immediately was well. I explained about how Jesus felt her touch more than that of anyone else who rubbed elbows or brushed shoulders with him. She was amazed that Jesus' power went into the woman. She asked, "How did his power go into her?" I said, "because she had faith."


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  1. She's so precious! I love your Raine stories. We prayed for tonight. I hope she gets better soon.