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Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday afternoon we heard a knock on the door. I thought to myself, "The neighborhood kids? Jehovah's Witnesses?" I opened and there stood a man who began his sales pitch... something about painting our mailbox. At first I wanted to interrupt him and tell him we weren't interested. Then I saw in him, a person who just wanted to work. So I said, "yes."

I really didn't care if my mailbox looked nice. I didn't care about the reflective paint he used so that our address would be visible at night. I didn't care about the cool script handwriting he used (freehand by the way). What I cared about was that he was not sitting at home moaning about not having a job. He wasn't sitting around waiting on the government to help him. He was out going door to door on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, facing the possibility of rejection from each and every house he approached.

He was inspiring.

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