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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Believe it or not, I minored in creative writing in college, though my writing leaves something to be desired. Therefore I am going to attempt to blog about something everyday as a means to practice and polish-up my skills.

"I thought the blog was about adoption, "my husband asked just yesterday."

"It's now about the Hollingsworth Household in general."

He just loves to bug me.

But in reality this will now be like my journal where I publish my thoughts, frustrations and praises... as long as they aren't too private. So without further adieu...

I was driving home just a few minutes ago from cleaning the inside of my car. You know, those machines where you insert 10 quarters and try to beat the clock by spreading foam all over the carpets, hoping to have enough time left to vacuum the residue. Anyway, I was searching for a decent radio station when I heard Sean Hannity's voice.

"Stay away, you'll just get worked up," the angel to my right whispered in my ear.
"You know you wanna," said the devil to my left. "I love it when you're frustrated.

I stopped on that station.

Hannity was speaking to someone protesting on Wall Street. She was ranting about something, no one is really sure what about. She then passed the phone to her friend. The only thing I remember her saying was something to the effect of, "...those evil capitalists."

WHAT? How can anyone say that capitalism is bad? If the people are protesting for what I think they are protesting about (graduating from college and not being able to find a job), then capitalism is only going to HELP the situation. Now, I'm no expert in economics. I actually hated the subject in high school; and I never took it in college. But last time I checked, capitalism CREATES jobs.

That's all I have to say about that.

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